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Why APS Medical Billing


  • Experience: Over 25 years of industry performance and excellence. 
  • Service: From the beginning, an organization focused on individual clients and relationships…built through referrals. 
  • Technology: State of the art, ahead of the curve…constantly improving.
  • Information: Standard and customized. Designed with specialty, location and your unique practice requirements in mind.


APS Performance Audit and Review

"Organizations functioning at best practices levels in terms of industry key indicators have a common denominator – their use of technology.

We were pleased to find APS demonstrated a long term commitment to improving processes through expanded use of technology. They use an extensive series of front end edits resulting in cleaner claims, fewer refiles and/or appeals (improved denial management) therefore creating a healthier client A/R profile.

APS has also developed a number of value added functions related to technology that yield high levels of functionality in staff productivity and transaction volumes."

Patricia Kroken, FACMPE CRA
Healthcare Resource Providers, LLC

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